All-in-one cloud contact center software empowering productive AND enjoyable customer interactions.

Unified Communications platform with a gamified twist
It's customer experience, simplified.


Convoso’s Cloud Contact Center Advantage

Cloud-based contact center software for exceptional inbound, outbound, and blended operations


Accessible from Anywhere and Everywhere

Whether you’re using a smartphone or desktop computer, all you need is a browser and internet connection and you’re ready to start managing, making, and receiving calls. Our system’s built-in webRTC softphone will save your business tens of thousands of operational costs and maintenance fees.

Rapid Deployment

Set up your entire contact center operation within a day. Our cloud call center software is fast and easy-to-use so your agents can seamlessly work and train from home, and start taking calls from day 1.

Flexible Scaling On-Demand

Easily scale your contact center up or down as per your request. Seamlessly handle any changes in your call flow whether it’s less or more. Our cloud advantage eliminates the headaches of on-premise systems and will prevent your company from wasting any resources if any sudden changes in call flow occur.

Experience easy-to-use solutions
made for first class contact centers


Easy, Effective, and Enjoyable

Convoso’s gamified, cloud contact center software optimizes efficiency by housing all of your contact center’s most valuable inbound and outbound applications in one platform. Our cloud hosted applications provide all-in-one contact center functionality with powerful features that simplify your daily operations from both an admin and agent level! Even better, our gamified and intuitive, modern user interface (UI) makes your agent and admin processes enjoyable! From onboarding, training, setting up IVR flows, outbound call campaigns, reporting, and analytics; Convoso’s all-in-one system makes the experience hassle-free and easy.

Easy & Robust Integrations.

If our all-in-one platform doesn’t include the tools or solutions your business needs to succeed, no problem! Our system allows for easy and fast integrations with major 3rd party CRM or support/ticketing vendors.


Streamline Operations For Maximum Results

  • Increase the number of live
    prospects your agents speak with
  • Improve customer experiences by putting customer information right at your agents’ fingertips
  • Get real-time reporting and analytics of agent performance and business KPIs
  • Save thousands of dollars by eliminating the need to buy and maintain expensive hardware
  • Support multiple contact centers and at-home (virtual) agents with ease
  • Train and onboard your agents quickly and with easily
  • Get 99.99% uptime
  • Seamlessly add functionality as soon as you need it
  • Easily integrate with any 3rd party systems that you are currently implementing

Key Features and Built-in Apps

  • Hosted PBX Phone System

    Create a secure virtual space for your employees to collaborate with each other and the world. Easily call into any meeting from anywhere by simply logging into our cloud contact center interface. With your own secure VOIP phone system, you can cut down on your phone bills while facilitating staff productivity with call forwarding, conferencing, call transfer, and much more.

  • Built-in Softphone (WebRTC)

    Convoso’s system allows your team to easily make and receive calls through an internet browser and internet connection. Our system’s browser-based (webRTC) softphone is a built-in piece of software that provides businesses with extra mobility and a hassle-free solution that will save operation time, storage, and IT consuming resources that would otherwise be dedicated to an external softphone alternative.

  • Contact Center Gamification

    Convoso adds an unique twist to our end-to-end contact center software to provide your contact center operations with enhanced results. Our gamification solution applies “game-like” mechanics equipped with leaderboards, points, and rewards to incentivize and motivate your team to deliver top quality performance. Utilize our Gamified KPI Dashboard to give your agents the extra push in hitting your operational KPIs. Our Gamified Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to provide extra incentive to ensure your agents are always up-to-speed with new training materials and resources.

  • Omni-Channel Communications

    In an age where customers engage with companies or brands in many various methods across multiple platforms, it’s important for your business to provide those channels if you want create top tier customer experience and/or increase the likelihood of acquiring and securing new customers. Convoso provides omni-channel solutions to help businesses enhance customer experience. Through Convoso’s omni-channel methods: email, SMS, or voice, your business now has a streamlined solution for reaching your customers through their most preferred method of communication.

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